Senior Siyat shares success story

Priscilla Valencia, Staff Writer

We all know Greeley West as a very diverse school.  Immigration has contributed to that diversity and each student has their own life story.  For Adnan Siyat, that story starts in East Africa. 

Siyat was born and raised in  Kenya. There he lived with his mom, dad, brothers, and grandma. Siyat said life in Kenya was not that difficult for him, but the gangs and gun violence was always something his family worried about. Gangs in East Africa are focused on revolutionary change and controlling supplies.   “There weren’t a lot of drug problemsbut there were a lot of gangs which was bad because they would make everywhere look like trash and it was just dangerous,  for us to stay there ”. His parents made a difficult decision to leave their belongings behind and move to the US for the safety of their family. 

 On July 17th,2017 Siyat and his family landed in the land of opportunities, freedom, and justice. His grandma wanted to stay back in Kenya so for now it’s just Siyat’s siblings and his parents living in Colorado. 

Siyat said he was sad to have to leave all the memories, family, and belongings behind. However he knew that it was for the best. When moving into a house and coming into school, Siyat was very hesitant because it was something new and he wasn’t used to the environment. ”It’s the same thing, just different worlds with rules,” Siyat said.

A few months later he learned to love the community and be open minded about the freedom and the amount of things to do in Colorado. Siyat said teachers at Greeley West have helped him a lot in many ways like improving his English and setting goals for his future. After high school, Siyat plans on continuing studying in college to become an architect.