Who is Ceyann Baruth?

Who is Ceyann Baruth?

Linssey Chavez, Staff Writer

Year of High School: Junior

What are you thinking about in your future? Becoming an art teacher. I’m really passionate about art, it’s what I do.

Where I Work: I don’t have a job. I’m hoping to get a job when I get high school off my plate.

Daily Routine: I get up around 7. I brush my teeth, choose an outfit for the day and eat breakfast before going to school. I get to school pretty early, like 20 minutes I would say. During lunch I go to a classroom with like five of my friends and just play card games. After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays I play DND. On basically every other day I play video games or spend my time painting.

Favorite Hobbies: My top two would have to be drawing and gaming.

Sleep Schedule: Pretty good. I usually get into bed by 9:30. That’s enough to give me like 10 hours of sleep.

What is your favorite strange food combination? Macaroni and cheese with beans. I know it sounds gross but it’s something I’ve eaten since as long as I can remember. I got my best friend hooked on it. 

What is something that you’ll remember from Greeley West? The crowded halls. They are an everyday struggle. Something good I can hold onto would be the teachers. They are pretty nice and more tolerable than most students.