As we recover from pandemic, it’s important to be appreciative of opportunities

Alonzo Ramirez Navarro, Editorialist

Are we finally going back to our normal lives?

It seems as if the world is slowly going back to how it was before the pandemic. At first it was something new and no one knew what to expect. Two years later we now know in what direction this took off in. 

The talk about Covid has certainly gone down and the reason behind that is because everyone has gotten used to this new “Covid World”. We all had to adapt to the same situation differently and at first it was hard. As time goes on obviously people get used to their lifestyle. 

Just like anything in life, once you are outside of your comfort zone you become stressed. Covid put many people in the same scenarios but it eventually got better for everyone. Now, almost two years later from the start, no one could have guessed what was going to happen. 

 Lately it has felt as if we all have truly adapted to our circumstances. Covid made changes in everyone’s life and especially in school. School was never the same, but it did get better. Pep Rallies, assemblies , and the feel of high school has for sure changed. 

Change is not always bad though, because it can be a learning experience. There is a lot to take away from this ongoing pandemic, but one thing for sure is people should learn to be more appreciative. It is really easy to take anything small for granted. Then you realize how important something to you really was when it is taken away from you.  

As each day goes on , we are slowly creeping away from how bad things once were in the pandemic.