No Shave November competition concludes with donation to A Woman’s Place

Alonzo Ramirez Navarro, Staff Writer

Every November, millions of people participate in a month-long campaign to raise awareness and funding for cancer prevention called No Shave November. This past month at Greeley West, some teachers put on spin on the activity to raise money for their own charities.  Every teacher who was involved picked a charity and the winner at the end of the month received all money money raised by the group to go to the winning charity.

Mr. Colin Shaha organized this year’s event and picked the AVID Legacy Scholarship as his charity. Shaha said, “I think it is super cool because even if there is only one winner, it is a representation of Greeley West High School giving money to the community.”

Shaha did not win but by just participating he made a positive impact. The teacher who did win was Mr. David Falter and his charity, A Woman’s Place, in downtown Greeley.  This charity empowers victims and survivors of domestic abuse and they serve anyone affected by domestic violence. In 2020 alone, A Woman’s Place helped 273 different women.” I chose this charity because most students already know about it and it has been an issue for years.” said Falter.

Falter’s donation, that will go through on Colorado Gives Day this Tuesday, was 419.

Not many teachers participated but hopefully every year the number of teachers increases. Someone  who did not participate, Mr. Zach Armstrong, made a monetary donation to the winning charity. “If four of us could raise $400 for a local charity, what could eight of us do?” Falter asked.