Students, staff have differing opinions on cell phone usage

Xavier Michnewicz, Staff Writer

There is a huge conflict between students and teachers with cell phones in their classes.  The entire math department has implemented a rule that students’ phones should be in backpacks no matter what or they get them taken away for the day. The rule that the math department implemented might seem unfair to many students, but it is necessary to keep students off of their phones and focus on their school work.

Many students also feel strongly about cell phones, just as much as teachers think that phones are a distraction in class. Sophomore Andre Ortiz said, “Students should be allowed to be on phones in class, but only if they are done with their work. If they are on their phones it can be a distraction to them trying to learn in class.” 

Social Studies teacher Mr. Cody Jiru said, “Students in my class aren’t allowed to have cell phones in class. It is a distraction, which is why I make my students put their phones in calculator holders for class and can get them back during solo time. They are also unnecessary because there is nothing that you can’t do on your computer that you can do on your phone.”

Another student and sophomore Julian Salas says “Students should be allowed on their phones during class. Students should still pay attention in class and be on their phones only when it is appropriate.”

Art and photography teacher Ms. Julie Hagemiester understands the distraction, but also thinks that it can be a good tool to use in her classes, particularly in regards to digital technology.  “I teach digital photography with only cell phones – they are some of the best cameras now. For us, they are useful tools that we need every day. Teachers know how to put them down. I would never have an earbud in during a meeting or a class but students do. Students need to know when to put them down or they are no longer useful at all. Phones can be tools for good if students use them for good.”

Sophomore Kaden Waugh says “ Students should have their phones in class because people have need outside of the classroom and it is important of students to be able to freely communicate with others, like parents, at anytime in the day.”