Time to act on global warming

Samantha Cranford, Editorialist

Dating back to the pre-industrial period, our use of fossil fuels have created many hot problems across the globe. Fossil fuels are a material made up of carbon formed in the earth from the residue of dead animals and plants that we humans extract and burn for energy. Many of you are thinking, Why is this a problem? I’ll tell you why, when you burn these fuels it creates a heat trap like barrier that prevents the gas from escaping into the atmosphere. This causes the earth’s temperature to increase and get warmer and warmer each year, which is why they refer to it as climate change. Again, why is this a problem you say? Because the effects are irreversible, we are slowly killing our planet one mine at a time. Along with the effects being irreversible, fossil fuels are an example of a non-recyclable resource, they cannot be reused or remade. The natural gases were produced from organic matter and being in the ground for millions of years, there’s no humanly possible way of recreating this fuel. So once this limited resource is used, it is forever gone. 

As a human race we are very selfish beings, if it doesn’t directly affect us we will not put forth any effort into making progress or change to help our environment, I know I can’t fix climate change myself but the more we educate people the more we can all become cautious and aware of this problem, and if I can take part and help educate at least one person I will feel just a little bit better. Our animals are dying, species are going extinct because of our actions, and no one is talking about it enough. As our globe gets hotter our ice caps start to melt leaving the polar bears and many other organisms homeless. With the destruction of their environment it limits these animals to finding the vital resources the need to survive like food and shelter. This causes a drastic change in our food chain which eventually leads to being endangered or even extinct. Just like The Polar Bear species the Adelie Penguin and the North Atlantic Cod are struggling to keep their kind alive. Have you not noticed it should be snowing right now? Our planet is not equipped to stay hot for this long and our animals are being forced to adapt to this new temperature or they face their death.

Many will argue that global warming isn’t real but, they are just in denial. You see and live in the effects of burning fossil fuels everyday. It affects how you breathe, it affects our sea levels, and is even to blame for our natural disasters and severe weather. People choose to deny the crisis because they just don’t want to face it, to them it feels wrong. Society as a whole does not like to accept change, we fear the change to a low emissions economy and refuse to accept this  so-called “inconvenience”. That’s a selfish mindset that we need to reverse. We need to make changes to help preserve our planet, even if that means getting out of our comfort zones. Even in small ways such as switching to LED bulbs, choosing other forms of transportation that doesn’t include fuel based vehicles, or even just eating more greens instead of animal based products. Everyone has the ability to play their part in helping our planet. We just need to accept the hard truth that global warming/climate change is real and open our minds to making more Eco friendly decisions.