GWHS admin setting fashion trends for 2022

The Greeley West administrative team poses in their fashionable letter sweaters.

Courtesy of Jeff Cranson

The Greeley West administrative team poses in their fashionable letter sweaters.

Tanian Schuttler, Staff Writer

Greeley West has been buzzing with new trends, fashion statements, and wonderful new clothes. The G-Dub administration has taken initiative to get involved with this as they plan on bringing back “Letter Sweaters” in the building.

If you noticed, today in school, the entire Greeley West administration was wearing the soon-to-be popular letterman jacket…in sweater form! A fad of the past is making a comeback and our principals are making sure that students ride the wave. 

These beautifully, custom-crafted sweaters were gifted to the administration by style-pioneer Ms. Amanda Jones and now we, as a student body, are able to witness the glory. 

Trendsetter Mr. Aaron Allen said, “I was hoping that the students would pick this up too and that the administration didn’t “nerdify” it to the point where students wouldn’t do it,” admitted Allen. 

The sweater is, admittedly, an awesome way to celebrate school spirit and can be a brand new way to cater to different styles in the building. Without the chunky, heavy letterman jackets we have today, you too can wear these light and airy sweaters.

Fashionista Mr. Ryan Hilbig said, “It’s just fun to wear these for school spirit. They are official Josten’s sweaters – the people who make graduation stuff. So people can actually order these,” said Hilbig. 

Hilbig also said that the letter sweater is making a comeback, particularly in California.  A quick google suggested he did not lie, with a myriad of fashion models wearing them.

Admin is greatly encouraging this letter sweater comeback. Who can blame them? They’re a great way to unify the administration and spark interest in the minds of students in the building.