Spartans will head back to online learning for two days as staff moves into new building

Samantha Cranford, Staff Writer

Greeley West students may be feeling the quarantine deja vu when they return to school after Spring Break.

Spartans will return to school on March 21 and 22 with two online days, thankfully not by fault of Covid this time.

Greeley West students will return to school online while their teachers get things settled into the new building. Why is this move to online so necessary, you ask? Well, according to principal Mr. Jeffery Cranson, these two days are crucial to getting things figured out in the new building. Problem solving issues like setting up computers, figuring out keys, passwords, and making sure the fire alarms work will certainly come up in those early days in the new building.  Online days will allow teachers to troubleshoot those problems without having to worry about the students because they will be working on things in Schoology online.

The teachers will not have moved on their own during Spring Break.  Cranson hired movers to help with the whole process. Teachers will also be able to pack up their stuff the days before Spring Break starts and those boxes will also be taken over by the movers to help relieve some stress off the staff’s shoulders.

The school decided to announce this now just to prepare everyone for those two online classes because, “people don’t like change,” according to Cranson.

Cranson said, he feels as if two days is too much time to give the staff to move around but would “rather be safe than sorry.”

When asked about any hiccups he foresees during this whole process, Cranson stated,” It’s not going to be a perfect switch; it’s going to be messy.

But there’s light at the end of the tunnel:  After all that messiness is over the students and staff will be able to enjoy themselves when they return and celebrate the new building, an event Cranson hopes will bring in some of that Greeley West school spirit.

If students are already writing these dates in their planners, they should also take note that the following Wednesday is going to be a late start and will be following a Monday schedule to be able to fit in the pep rally. Thursday and Friday will resume as normal.