2022 provides fresh start for Greeley West students, staff

Bret Tjomsland, Staff Writer

A New Year has begun and many students around Greeley West have  already started their own New Year’s resolutions. The concept of New Year’s resolutions started nearly 4,000 years ago and originated with the ancient Babylonians when they would make promises to their gods and start off fresh every Spring.

In today’s age, these resolutions are a way to start fresh and start new things they may have never done before or would like to continue doing from the previous year. Though many make personal or diverse ones, others stick to more popular resolutions such as working out more, eating healthier foods, and even making weight goals. According to recent studies only 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions and only 25% actually keep them going throughout the year. 

At Greeley West, students’ New Year’s resolutions are very different from each other for what they want to achieve and change in 2022. Senior Dylan Gesick said, ¨New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time and never work out in the long run.¨ 

Senior Jose Holgiun said, ¨I would like to start a career, be a better person, graduate from high school, get a car, and get a job.¨

Many others around the building were interviewed and shared similar resolutions for the New Year.

Not only are students making New Year’s resolutions, but so are staff around the building. Mr. Brandon Torrez, a math teacher at Greeley West, said ¨My New Year’s resolution is that I need to participate more in my mental health. I need to engage with my family more and not be such a boring workaholic.¨ 

New Year’s resolutions provide time to improve on things and make yourself better for the new year. And around Greeley West, these resolutions are in full swing and ready for staff and students to use and improve on in the new year.