Ag education program will celebrate 100 years with Greeley West community

Maddie Zeller, Staff Writer

Agricultural education has reached schools all over the country, including Greeley West. Even though ag ed has only been with West for around fifty years students will celebrate 100 years of agriculture learning nationwide on February 17. 

West’s agricultural education program has met growing popularity over the years and continues to reach many students. With education on the science, economy, and industry of agriculture, students get an in-depth knowledge in the field of agriculture. Agriculture education teacher Mr. Kelly Longacre said, “The program offers hands-on learning experiences in leadership, math, and science. All skills are taught in relation to agriculture.”

Seeing as Greeley is one of the most major agricultural hot-spots in the state, establishing educational opportunities allows for students to continually grow. Senior Ryleigh Banman said, “I have really enjoyed being a part of FFA and the Ag Ed program. The community that us students have built has been one of the most rewarding experiences during my time at West.”

The open house celebration that will take place on the 17th is open to the entire Weld County community. Students are already hard at work to make the event successful. “We have current and former students on a planning committee together and are working hard to raise money to honor former teachers as well,” said Longacre. 

Ag Ed alumni will give speeches and engage with current students, providing insight on what it really takes to be an active member of the agricultural community.  The event will include tours of the old and new facility, and as staff and students ramp up to move into the new building, new amenities will be ready and waiting for the agriculture department. As of right now, the current building does not meet all needs, but students will soon have the opportunity for further exploration.  

The Agricultural education department has made a huge impact on students here at West, and as they reminisce on all of the success and memories they have, the students and staff also continue to look forward to great opportunities to come. “Although I’m a senior, I am so happy for the students that will have enough space to do what they love and will have the opportunity to grow in agriculture,” Banman said.