Students will no longer be quarantined based on seating charts

Bret Tjomsland, Staff Writer

You probably noticed fewer empty seats at Greeley West this past week.  That’s because of the drastic change as quarantine for students and staff ended on Monday, February 7.

Though COVID is still a big problem at Greeley West, the new measure came about after a school board vote.  

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all students 2 years and older wear a face covering, wash their hands at least three times a day, use hand sanitizer, ventilation systems for schools, and at least three feet of physical distance for all students K-12. 

The impact of getting rid of quarantines may be a good thing for teachers and students, but could also cause more upticks in COVID-19 cases in the building. English teacher Ms. Annette Schneider said, “There are benefits because some students who don’t need to be quarantined are already forced into it. But kids who are sick may be more encouraged to come in.” 

Many hope the new protocols regarding quarantine and COVID-19 as whole will help students and staff get back to a pre-COVID normal. 

In a statement, principal Mr. Jeff Cranson said, “I hope the new protocols signal the beginning of the end of COVID for Greeley West so that we can begin to get back to ‘normal.’”

Cranson also said, “I hope the impact of suspending quarantines results in better attendance and higher achievement for our students.” 

Many are concerned about whether or not stopping quarantines will be effective or if it will cause cases to spike. There is also hope that it will help students and staff adapt more to COVID and its impact on the building. Learning to adapt to COVID-19 is something that Greeley West students will be challenged with for years to come. Greeley West will overcome this pandemic one step at a time and as Mr. Brandon Torrez said, “We’re tough Greeley kids.”