Scholarship Mondays give AVID seniors time to raise money for college

Abby Rivera-Flores, Staff Writer

One of the best scholarship opportunities that Greeley West students have is due next week, in the Weld Community Foundation Scholarships.  For AVID seniors, applying for this scholarship is just another part of their weekly Scholarship Monday agenda.

While the AVID seniors have focused on the Weld Community Foundation Scholarship the past few weeks, students are provided each late-start Monday to write essays and apply for national and local awards.  Some scholarships that they have applied to are merit scholarships such as The Daniels Fund and The Botchetter Fund Scholarships. Some scholarships have just a general application while others require specific essays and short answer questions.  Usually, the more valuable the scholarship, the longer it takes to finish an application. 

The AVID teachers hope that students use the time to apply to 20 scholarships per semester.  The students are encouraged to apply for scholarships that focus on them individually in regards to race, being first-generation, or for specific educational programs.   

Senior Jaelee Rice said, “Having these Scholarships Mondays have opened my eyes about how many scholarships are actually out there.”

There are a lot out there.  And senior Vanessa Mayeda-Garner hopes to win at least a couple.  She said, “Scholarship Monday has helped me to apply to many different scholarships that are going to help me to pay for my college education.”

While most students have to do all their scholarship applications on their own, AVID students have been given time and support in the classroom day.  Hugo Meraz said, “Scholarships have given me an opportunity to get the money that I need without having a job to worry about.”

Right now is the busiest time, with many local scholarships looking for applicants.  Alana Smith said, “A lot of specialized scholarships are due soon, so that’s what I’m currently doing.”