Poms return from Florida energized, proud of performance

The Greeley West Poms perform at the National Championships in Orlando.

Photo Courtesy of Astrid Garcia

The Greeley West Poms perform at the National Championships in Orlando.

Tanian Schuttler, Staff Writer

This past weekend, at the Walt Disney World UDA National Championships, the Greeley West Poms took the stage. 

The Poms have been preparing for their competition in the Sunshine State since the beginning of the year. Throughout the entirety of the school year, while balancing football games, other competitions, and private practices, they have worked endlessly to learn and perfect their Nationals dance. 

Senior Nina Sanchez, who made her last trip with the team, said, “Nationals was really good and really fun. I’m going to miss it for sure. We had a lot of long eight-hour practices and we learned the dances really early on so that we could really hammer in the details. The team did really good and the newbies matched everyone else’s levels which I was really surprised to see.” said Sanchez. 

With only three seniors on the team this year there has been a lot for the team to learn. Almost all the new team members were freshmen. 

Being in Florida brought a new energy to the team. The wonderful weather – and ability to wear short sleeves – was refreshing and got everyone excited for the competition.

Sophomore Astrid Garcia said, “Poms was really great. It was a new experience, for sure, and I have never experienced a competition like that. It was really fun going up there and performing. And being with the team, the energy was just super high and being in Florida was really fun. The practice was so grueling but it was so worth it.” said Garcia. 

Although the Poms did not get a chance to advance to the finals at Nationals, they worked incredibly hard to get where they were and succeed. Poms may be done for this year, but there is more to come in the new building (and Florida) for 2022.