Junior earns scholarship at engineering camp

Tahjae Tapia, Staff Writer

Junior Zion Semere has earned a scholarship towards an Engineering degree at Colorado State University. 

Semere was able to get this scholarship by signing up for a program called ENvision. Envision is a program held through the summer for sophomores, juniors, and seniors around Colorado and is a four-week online learning program.  Semere attended last summer, from June 17 to July 8.

 The  program is offered by Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering at CSU. There is no cost in attending this summer program, but the requirements that are needed are to have full participation, as well as showing up to the sessions hosted weekly. This program gets you connected with some of the mentors that are current engineering students on campus. Students from around Colorado were engaged in the activities. 

Semere said that something new was taught each session, which occurred twice a week.  Some things that Semere said he was introduced to was different types of engineering such as civil, electrical, and mechanical. Semere said “We learned about different engineerings and the pros as well as cons about them”. 

Semere said he wanted to sign up for the program to see what options existed to him. “I signed up for this program because I  wanted to explore what engineering was like, and to expand my horizons,.” Semere said.

Semere said he had much fun doing this engineering program, especially when it came to an end and he was awarded money. At the end of the program a closing ceremony was held and Semere was presented with a $5000 towards the Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering. 

Semere said he would recommend the camp to anyone that has free time in the summer. He stated, “It’s a fun way to stay connected through the summer, and to meet new people, learning new skills.”