Sinclair reaches ‘mirror goal’ with third place finish at State

Tanian Schuttler, Staff Writer

Wrestling has been one of senior Ethan Sinclair’s passions since childhood and he has continued to prove himself to not only his team, but now to the entire state of Colorado.  Sinclair placed third in his weight class at the State wrestling meeting in February, making him West’s top finisher. 

Sinclair’s wrestling history has brought him very far. Sinclair told the Greeley West Word, “I wrestled a little bit through my childhood and into middle school, and then when I hit high school I got a little bit burned out and decided not to do it anymore,” Sinclair said.

Sinclair decided to take off his first two years of high school at Windsor.  “When I came to Greeley West, junior year, I joined the team. It was a nice introduction back into wrestling,” Sinclair continued. “So, this year I came back with a new fire that a lot of seniors have sort of lost [through COVID-19].”

Finding the motivation to come back to the team this year, and really turn it around for himself, has been a huge part of the season for Sinclair. Dominating every match has inched him closer and closer to a state title.  “I spent the entire season with the idea of State in my mind. I mean, I had ‘State Placer’ written in white board marker on my mirror for the past four months. It kind of became the obsession of my life, almost. And it was a very motivating factor in my life and in wrestling these past few months,” said Sinclair. 

After his State success, he is looking at moving forward with a career in wrestling. He stated, “I’m looking at possibly wrestling in college. I’ve had a few junior colleges reach out and smaller colleges. If I don’t wrestle in college then I am going to take those skills on the mat and transition it into some sort of recreational MMA thing.” 

Sinclair is justly proud of his accomplishments for the entire season and at state. He feels rewarded that the season has ended in a positive way for him and hopes that he has been a positive senior influence for his team and that they take that into the future of their wrestling careers, too.