Unified basketball buzzer beater goes viral right in time to celebrate senior night

Dylan Gesick, Staff Writer

The Unified program at Greeley West is designed to give kids with special needs the most normal high school experience that they can and a major part of that goal is sports. Each year the Unified kids participate in unified bowling, olympics and basketball. Right now they are in their basketball season and they are loving it.

In each game there are 3 unified kids and 2 partners to assist and help keep the game going and to make sure they are having fun. The team gets on a bus and travels to each game to different schools, the main goal of the program is to help them have the most normal and fun basketball experience that they can. 

In the last two games Junior Camden Price, also dubbed as ‘The Price is Right,’ has made buzzer-beater half court shots and has dropped 3 pointers like it’s nothing. Camden Price is excited about this season. “It’s been really good and I’ve played a lot of big games. It felt great to make the half court shot, it was cool to be posted on social media and the news,” Price said. 

Price will have one more chance this Thursday night.   “I am excited, I am most excited to make another buzzer beater half court shot,” Price said. 

The team is getting ready for senior night on Thursday, The game will be the last basketball game held in the old gym against the Unified Mountain View team at 6 p.m. Their playoff game  will be held in the new gym and they will be the first game to be held in the new school. 

Coach Brian Holmes is invested in the sport and the kids because he loves it. “We have improved every game, not only the players but also the partners. We have not only improved our basketball skills but we have also improved in precipitation and motivation. I’ve enjoyed teaching these kids,” Holmes said.

For Holmes, the passion started with his own family.  “I started four  years ago and my wife is also a special education teacher so it’s always something I’ve been passionate about. This is the first year I have been able to fully coach unified basketball because I was coaching baseball, but it’s been a great experience.”

The kids practice as much as they can, during lunch and their weekly physical education classes. They practice shooting the ball and just generally understanding the game. They are a very close team as they have all grown up together, they are always motivated to play the next game.

Make sure to come out and support on senior night. The team is pumped up to show everyone what they can do, and hopefully Price will make another buzzer beater. 

Cam Price’s Half court Shot