The struggle with being in the present

Maddie Zeller, Editorialist

One thing that we are always taught is to be present in the moment, but at times I find that this can be extremely challenging. Over the past few months, life has seemed so busy, yet so unfulfilling. This feeling is difficult to combat because having nothing to look forward to or to put any kind of effort into makes being in the present moment unenjoyable. 

This is an issue that impacts so many people, especially after living through situations such as the COVID pandemic. I have always struggled with this, but by surrounding myself with positive influence through people and experiences, this struggle has become easier to combat.

Part of being in the present relies on how others around you are reacting to their situations. Surrounding yourself with negative people is something that causes you to hope for an alternative situation. I have found myself doing this a lot this year, but as a student and community member of Greeley West High School, I feel a sense of obligation to help my peers grow and find something to be happy about each and every day. Along with this obligation, there is a sense of responsibility to exude positivity, not only for yourself but for your friends and peers as well. Creating an environment in which everyone feels welcome and enjoys being themselves is vital to being in the present moment. 

Becoming older has made me appreciate the simple things in life, including every day that I get to be with friends and family. Life is so short and often simple times are forgotten and taken for granted until they are no longer within our reach. I have quickly learned that you can change the circumstances that you are put into so that they can become something worth living for and giving energy towards.