Wednesday assembly following Spring Break will celebrate future of new Greeley West building


Osborne Earl Smith

Out with the old, in with the new. The lobby is disappearing as we typed this story, but the Student Council is ready to kick off the new building after Spring Break.

Kaiden Shuey, Staff Writer

 Since it’s initial construction in 1966, Greeley West has seen it’s fair share of history. This Fall, West intends to make history once more. The new building that has been in construction for the better part of the pandemic is finally going to be fully opened Fall 2022. In celebration, staff thinks it’s time to take out the old, and bring in the new. What better way to celebrate than with a pep assembly?

Student Council has planned a massive pep assembly, marking the first assembly in the new building, and the first assembly inside a building in years. When it came to planning the assembly, Student Council sponsor Ms. Lea Sanford said it’s a team effort.  “We had a lot of support from the admin, homeroom, knowledgeable team, cheer, Poms, and band all deserve a shoutout, for supporting and bringing more excitement to the event,” Sanford said. 

Since students will be attending school online on Monday and Tuesday after Spring Break, the assembly has caused a new schedule for Wednesday.  This pep assembly represents a lot in the way of history and significance to the city of Greeley as a whole. It represents a new generation of students, a new piece of history being formed, and an upgrade from the old building of times past. “There’s a lot of excitement about getting to have a pep assembly. Student Council has been finding a lot of ways to include students and make them feel like it is their school,” Sanford said. 

Sanford also wanted to recognize everyone, making the assembly more about the people of the school, rather than the school itself. She said, “The theme is having an opportunity to recognize as many people as possible – students and staff notably.”

The new building is exciting on many levels.  However, the school history is also exciting.  Sanford said she was looking forward to having some nostalgia transition too.  “I’m most excited about the attempt to bring the old building into the new. We’re moving Spartacus (the giant spartan from the lobby), the trophies and all that good stuff into the new building,” Sanford said. 

Student Council hopes that the student body is as excited as they are about participation in the new generation of education at Greeley West and the school spirit this new building will provide.