Ancient dinosaur bones found during construction


Bret Tjomsland

Do you see any dinosaur bones in this picture? They’re literally popping out of the ground as crews work on the new building.

Bret Tjomsland, Staff Fool

It may seem like a myth or even a coincidence that dinosaur bones were found during construction of the new Greeley West building but, it is very much true. 

During the digging process of the new building and the removal of the lobby and portables, old dinosaur bones dating back nearly 68 million years were found hidden under the foundations of the buildings.

Multiple archaeologists and paleontologists were called in from Denver to come and study the recent discoveries over Spring Break. They concluded that multiple Allosaurus and Stegosaurus bones were discovered deep under the buildings where construction workers discovered them. 

Many students and staff were very surprised by the discoveries and even wanted a glimpse of them. Some teachers even believe that the bones should be put in the new building as a decoration instead of being displayed in a museum. 

French teacher Ms. Brenda Walker, originally in one of the portables where some bones were discovered, said, ¨It was amazing and very surprising to find out the news. It was crazy to think that our days were spent on top of dinosaur bones all these years. It was especially surprising that it was even under my own room in 608!¨

The bones were removed upon discovery and transported over to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for further studying. Scientists are puzzled as to how the dinosaurs died and even how they ended up in that spot. 

Junior, Logan Luther said, ¨I think there may be more bones found under the new building and especially under the remainder of the old building. Personally I think they should be hung from the ceilings of the new building to represent what was found and what we has literally been under our feet for the past 50-plus years.¨

Many in the building are surprised by the discoveries and urge the bones to be placed inside the new building. These dinosaur bones have also been found in other parts of Colorado, so it isn’t a huge surprise they were found. It was just the location in which they were discovered makes them special. 

Construction workers will continue to be cautious of the areas they are digging in as many more bones may be discovered.