Let’s give a Spartan welcome to special guest Joe Biden


Kaiden Shuey, Staff Fool

Joe Biden has set his sights on the small town of Greeley, ready to see the new advancements with Greeley West, and gather the history of the old school. This will not be a political trip, but is still perceived to be an important event for a current US President to visit Greeley.

The last sitting President to visit Greeley was when George W. Bush made a visit to UNC during his 2004 campaign. 

Biden has decided to visit the old building and get a tour of the new one on April 20th. In a statement, Biden said this about the visit: “Greeley is a nostalgic town with rich history. I am happy to visit the community and see the improvements that are to come.”

Biden doesn’t expect to receive complete respect however, and he is taking necessary precautions. “I know coming to see a group of teens isn’t the best idea, but I believe as long as the environment is controlled we can do a walk-about and meet and greet for these students,” Biden’s statement said.

West is not that special. Biden’s announcement included information about his trip to Greeley Central as well.  Northridge – like usual – will not be included. “I’m  looking to meet all sides of the community,” Biden said.

In preparation, the social studies department is designing a series of lessons to  to inform students about Biden, his history, and the history of every U.S. President within the last 20 years. There will also be a homeroom lesson to determine which students get to participate in the meet-and-greet.