Greeley West moves to cut football program 

Tanian Schuttler, Staff Fool

Today, Greeley West learned more disappointing news. The football team, due to insurance cuts, new ideas and goals, and declining athleticism, will be cut. 

That’s right… no more football games, no more West-Central, no more Car Caravan. These activities and events will be handed over to the Golf Team to help increase schoolwide appreciation for lesser sports. 

In the midst of this devastating blow, Athletic Director Mr. Ryan Hilbig had a few things to say: “This was the toughest decision we have had to make all year. But, yeah, it sucks the most money out of the school and we, unfortunately, don’t have the privilege of putting our funds toward that anymore,” said Hilbig. 

 Greeley West football will now combine with the Central team and will meet at Greeley Central starting in the summer for offseason training. 

With extra money that has been left over from the bond issue, the old football field will be torn out – despite being brand new – and will be turned into an outdoor swimming pool for the swim teams as the Rec Center will no longer house them for practices. The pool will be used by students for a new PE class dubbed Swimming and Water Sports.

In response to this controversial information in the midst of an already crazy week, junior Jeb Mathews stated, “I am thrilled that we get to have a swimming class next year but I am a little sad that the Boom Team will now have to shoot the cannon for a hole in one. It just doesn’t feel fair and I wish that we, as a student body, were asked about it first. But I am excited…I think. I just wish that football didn’t have to combine with our rival school!”  

Seems that there are a lot of decisions happening that are outside of our control but rolling with the punches is what Greeley West does best. And hopefully the Greeley West football team will greatly improve after combining with the best new team in Greeley: Central.