Delays push official school opening to 2023

Nathaniel Rudolph, Staff Fool

At Greeley West, change has been evident for many years, and the construction of the new building has been a core part of this change. For over two years the anticipation of a new building has been stirring the population of Greeley West. Unfortunately, a huge blow to this excitement was delivered by the District-6 officials and AP construction representatives today.

Coupled with the delay from abatement that could take up to twelve weeks, new challenges have arisen. Shipping issues have been present all around the world and the new building is suffering as well. 

“Attaining materials have been increasingly difficult during these times,” said Matt Porta the lead engineer for the new building. “This has caused significant concerns about whether or not the building will open on time.” 

Before certain circumstances, the new building was expected to be complete in June of 2022. Materials such as tiles, electrical equipment, and furniture are in high demand across the world and are leaving some construction projects astray. The new View Sonic boards needed for every classroom are on backorder, “stuck in cargo stations and shipping containers,” said Assistant Superintendent of Support Services Kent Henson. 

Much of the electrical equipment needed to finish circuitry, lighting, cooling/heating, and other crucial components won’t be able to be received until the end of summer. There have also been several issues found with hazards that aren’t up to code after the fire marshall visited a few weeks ago, leaving the question of when the building will actually open. 

“After talking with the district, we are hoping to have the new building open after Christmas Break, but there is no telling if there will be further delays,” Greeley West principal Jeff Cranson said. “We are hoping to bring in temporary portables and use the open side of the new building.”

This is upsetting for a multitude of reasons, as teachers and students were hoping to walk in the doors of the new building at the beginning of next year. “I think the new building is really cool and it is sad that we will have to wait longer to get the new school,” said junior Zion Semere-ab.

Although others have hope. “It is sad that we have to wait, but I believe it will be worth it in the end,” said freshman Gavin Petersen. 

For most teachers they have spent many years in the old school and were ready to move to a new area and experience a new learning atmosphere. “I was excited to start off the year with a new space and a new way to teach our students, but I have been waiting for years to get a new building so a few more months won’t end up being a downside,” said English teacher Kimberly Fisher. 

The disappointment felt by teachers and students alike will resonate throughout the Greeley West community. However, light is at the end of the tunnel. Someday, the building will open.