Spartan math teacher accepts opportunity to teach through May at Windsor

Dylan Gesick, Staff Fool

With the school year being cut short, many teachers at Greeley West are disappointed with the news. One veteran math teacher, Mr. Brandon Torrez, was thunderstruck by the news and really took it to heart.

After sitting with the news for a little bit, he has made the decision to finish out the remainder of the school year at Windsor High School. This news has shocked the West community due to him being a die hard veteran of Spartan Pride. 

Social studies teacher Mr. Stephen Paulson was devastated by the news. “I never expected one of my best friends at the school to just leave so suddenly. It really makes me sad that I won’t see my best friend for the rest of the school year. I hope he finds success there in his teaching.”

It has been known for years that Mr. Torrez has wanted to teach at Windsor, but no one expected this timing. 

Mr. Jerami Redman, a fellow math teacher, is excited about the news. “I have always wanted to teach College Algebra. Of course I am sad that he is leaving, but I look forward to the new opportunities that will come with the move.”

Students are having mixed reactions to the news. One student, senior Eli Torrez, stated, “I’m not completely sure who that is, but I hope he has fun in Windsor.”

It is never fun to say goodbye, but if you Torrez in the halls, make sure you say goodbye and give him a big hug.