PE teacher heads back indoors to teach history

Alonzo Ramirez Navarro, Staff Fool

It is truly never too late for change in any aspect of your life, especially when it comes to work. As students and staff start transitioning into the new West building, there is a teacher who wants to do more. Physical and Health education teacher Mr. A.J. Johnson will become a freshman history teacher this upcoming Fall.

Johnson had a change of heart and wants to stop teaching physical education and health so he can become a historian. He is more than prepared for this sudden decision. 

Johnson’s hidden love for history comes as a surprise to everyone, but he is ready for the transition. He did not feel passionate about his current job so he knew a change was necessary for himself.  Johnson had this to say about his decision:”I decided to stop teaching PE because I wanted to trade my hoodies and shorts for polos and khaki pants.  Being inside is so much better than breathing fresh air outside all day.  But most importantly, I want students to know what happened in the war of 1812!” 

A new building seems fitting for a new position for Johnson and students are excited to see how this goes. Senior Gerardo Hernandez is excited for him. ”I know he will become a great history teacher for the lower classmen and I am just glad he is finally where he wants to be.”

Johnson has support from students around him as he makes this decision. Hopefully this opens up more opportunities for everyone to finally do what makes them happy. It is important to do what you desire as you can see Johnson is ready for this new chapter in his teaching career.