GWHS choirs attend CHSAA Festival for first time in three years

Maddie Zeller, Staff Writer

last Wednesday, the Greeley West choirs had the opportunity to perform at the CHSAA Festival for the first time in nearly three years. With so many changes due to Covid, construction, and schedule inconsistencies, it has been difficult for the choir to coordinate and host a proper performance.

The CHSAA festival for choirs took place at Standley Lake High School in Westminster.  The regional concert was attended by dozens of schools from Northern Colorado.  The competition provides a chance for groups to perform their pieces, while also getting critiques and suggestions on how to improve on the performance aspect. At the end of April, the choirs, bands and orchestras will be heading to Grand Junction in order to perform in a state-wide competition. The festival itself will prepare West’s choirs for the state competition and allow the students to work together and put on the best show possible. Treble Choir student, Eryka Walkup said, “The CHSAA Festival was a great way to bond with the other choir students, and work together to improve our pieces as a group.”

All of the students have been rehearsing several pieces since January, working on singing technique, performance value, as well as overall blending of the group. Slowly but surely, the choirs at West have brought back some of the traditions that the community lost during these years of change. “It was great to be able to perform together after a long time, and also being able to get constructive critiques,” said Walkup.

The festival brought together many groups from schools all over Colorado. The riveting performances seen throughout the day inspired many of West’s choir students. Chamber Choir student Ariel Montez said, “It was really great to see other groups perform, I think that it inspired us choir students to improve and try new styles and techniques while performing.”

After the CHSAA Festival stage sat in the dark, it was finally time to light it up again with electric performances. “All of the groups had so much energy, and after a lack of performances over the past few years, it was wonderful to hear all of those voices again,” said Montez.