Sun sets on Class of 2022 on April 29

Samantha Cranford, Staff Writer

In just two and a half weeks, the senior school experience at Greeley West will come to an end.  On Friday, April 29, those seniors will gather together to say goodbye to each other while enjoying watching a sunset together.

This event has been a tradition for the Greeley West seniors for quite some time now. On the first day of school, Greeley West seniors gathered together to watch a sunrise as they prepared for the beginning of their senior year. This is being organized by the seniors in the Student Council.  

Towards the end of students’ junior year, they become very excited for all the senior activities that they get to participate in and enjoy. This is considered a bittersweet moment for some, with lots of emotions. This particular senior sunset is most likely to be extra emotional because West is ending their school year early, cutting off the Greeley West seniors precious time. Not only will the Class of 2022 be ending the year a month early, but they are also the last to graduate from the old building.

 Senior class Vice- President Landry Young stated,” It’ll be one of the last times our class will be all together, so it’ll mean a lot to everyone to experience saying goodbye together, especially to celebrate the old building, and then with Prom being right after so it’s the perfect time to get together.”

Young hopes getting the word out early helps make the event well-attended.  “We didn’t plan the senior sunrise very well and many people didn’t get to experience it, so we are trying to make up for it with a very organized sunset that may include some new additions,” Young said.