Who is Julissa Lozano?


Samantha Cranford, Staff Writer

Name: Julissa Lozano Gonzalez

Year: Senior

What are you thinking about for your future? My goal is to go to college to become a social worker and help little kids have a brighter future. This has been my goal for a while now and it’s what motivates me to keep doing good in school.

Where I work?  Lozano #1 a restaurant on 22nd and 1st avenue, my family owns it and I’ve been working there since my freshman year.

Daily Routine:  After I finally wake up after snoozing my alarm a couple times, I get on my phone for longer than I should. till I’m late for school, then I get ready, not eat breakfast, and drive myself to school where sometimes I don’t go and go to the gym.

Most essential ritual/ habit? Sleeping with socks on.

Favorite hobbies? Trying to become TikTok famous.

What is your favorite app? TikTok for sure.

Favorite time waster? TikTok.

Sleep schedule? My sleep schedule is not the best. It’s all over the place.

How do you know when you’ve been successful? When I’m financially stable and most importantly when I am happy.