Construction students prep for PTECH competition on May 4

Dylan Gesick, Staff Writer

The Greeley West construction trades classes have reached a new level with the new shop. Students are able to learn with equipment and tools to help them gain knowledge and give them an edge in the ever expanding construction world. One event that the program looks forward to is the PTECH competition.

The PTECH competition is run through Aims and Mr. Jordan Karlberg. Freshmen in teams of four will be partnered with sophomore Team Leads and one to two industry partners in the program to build a four foot by four foot tool shed.

The competition acts as a sort of workshop, with the goal of the PTECH students earning their Construction Management Associates Degree through Aims.  It is a way for them to show their skills in the industry.

Karlberg has worked hard with people in the industry to help the students to get involved. “When they get to be junior part of the PTECH program, they have to do an internship. So the goal is to show industry partners what the students know and /r the students to meet the industry partners and begin building that relationship,” Karlberg said. 

This is the second year that Karlberg has been running the event here at West. Many students have enjoyed the event for the two years it has been running.

Sophomore Tucker Hurley is excited for his future with the PTECH program. “Last year was really run. It’s just like an all-day process and is fun to be able to hang out with your friends,” Hurley said.

He is also hoping to learn more and advance his skills with the program. “It’s a learning process applying what we learned in the classroom. Just taking the little stuff and applying it to the bigger picture. I hope to learn a little bit of everything and I will,” Hurley said. 

The event will happen on May 4.