Finals week is upon us – here’s a guide to get you through it

Bret Tjomsland, Staff Writer

Finals week is here and the pressure is on for those seeking college credit with AP and DP courses. 

The shortened school year had its positives and its negatives. Finals week was easily one of the negatives. For both teachers and students, it meant cramming more and more learning into school days along with even more homework to prepare them. 

The pressure is even more active throughout the graduating class of 2022, especially for AP and DP being held on the new summer days. Senior Gerardo Hernandez said,  ¨My worst fear for finals week is just not getting them fully done, especially take home ones. The work increases and so does the studying material. It is very stressful even though I don’t have many classes.¨

A broader aspect seniors are trying to avoid is the senior slump, when lack of motivation comes into play, especially around their last finals week of high school. For those who are not seniors, it will set the base for next year and even the years after.

Senior Ashley Orneles said, ¨My worst fear for finals is not passing tests. I am someone who overthinks when I am timed especially for AP/DP tests. Even if I still passed the class it would feel like my hard work went for nothing. With the shortened school year and COVID there are some things we were supposed to learn and because of the time that was taken away from it, it will be more challenging.¨