Take charge of life, no matter how difficult it may seem

Kaiden Shuey, Staff Writer

High school has been oh-so dramatic these four years. I haven’t been a four-year student at West, though it feels like over the one year I’ve spent here, I was able to rekindle my love for this small town, and feel like I’ve been here since freshman year. But this isn’t the way things have always been. Going into high school, I was clearly nervous, but I had a great group of friends who would always stick by me, a loving and supportive family, and myself, who had grown more confident since moving past middle school. I was ready for high school, to say the least.

I attended Greeley Central my freshman year, and had my own ups and downs. Of course, I focused on the ups. I could never let a simple break-up, lack of proper transportation, or the fact I lived closer to Greeley West stop me. I enjoyed my time with old friends, goofing off as freshmen, learning German with the best teacher I have had the pleasure of being taught by, but one thing was not right that year. I had begun to realize I was living the same life I had been for the last 13 years. I needed something new and I was going to take charge of my life.

After my freshman year, I made the choice to leave Greeley. I wanted a change of scenery, something new, and I was going to get it no matter what. I was being incredibly selfish, but I also learned that being selfish sometimes is integral to someone’s overall happiness. If you are committing too much time to others, and not balancing yourself in moderation, you will not have energy for yourself or your own aspirations. That is why I say to take charge of your life, no matter how difficult it may seem.  When I left Greeley to move to Aurora with my father, my life changed forever. I had become a new person when I returned, and met some new lifelong friends in Aurora who understood myself better than anyone could in Greeley.

The people I met in Aurora were the exact type of people I had been searching for. In all my time living in Greeley only one guy has been more loyal and friendly than those two guys I met in Aurora. I am so glad I made my choice, but after two years drama in my family began to affect my happiness again, so I moved back to Greeley, a changed man and having matured into someone more independent, but also someone who was willing to give energy to his relationships once again. Returning to Greeley for senior year has been one of the best choices I could have made, as it made me realize that once again this is my home, and though I don’t plan on staying forever, I do plan on making this place my stomping ground for the next few years to come.

My story as a senior now doesn’t involve school, it doesn’t involve the stress of getting good grades or test scores. I haven’t worried about any of that because I know I have really good friends to back me up, and my own confidence that assures me I cannot fail. I notice that by taking charge of my life I have become more confident as a person, and have cut down my stress exponentially. Going into graduation I wanted to spread the message that being selfish is okay sometimes, and that everything works out in moderation. Try taking charge of your life, and no matter how deep a hole you’re in, work your hardest to get out of it, and ask your friends to cast you a rope down too. See ya later West!