Having fun in high school is best thing you can do for yourself

Having fun in high school is best thing you can do for yourself

Bret Tjomsland, Staff Writer

As a senior at Greeley West, looking upon the past is something that I recall myself doing a lot. And when I do, I think of all the little memories I have spent with friends, teachers, and even the ones I spent messing around in classes even though I shouldn’t have been. 

While writing this article, I begin to think more and more about the memories I have collected and the overall gist of how I made it through high school. I have concluded that having fun and worrying less are the things I did. 

There’s a fine line between having fun and messing around and I won’t lie, I have done both. My greatest memories have been in the old building and when I graduate May 21st I want everyone to know what I did to help myself in high school. 

My most vivid memory was making a filing cabinet office in Ms. Reynolds Honors U.S history sophomore year. It was full of color pencils, glue, and even an apple. It reminds me that high school does not have to be all serious, because you can still do good, have fun, and achieve great things. 

I have developed very friendly and even family-like relationships with many people throughout my high school years. It can really help you think better; it can help you get things done faster, and sometimes it can help teachers be more lenient to letting you do late things like Mr. Torrez. 

Looking back makes me smile because it shows that I have done something with my high school years instead of just watching it fly by, even though it truly did. It is like nostalgia. I survived the pandemic year, I survived AP U.S History, and I survived the shortened school year of 2022. 

I developed a passion for storm chasing and experienced many days I was eager to leave so I could venture out and chase some dangerous storms. High school can form you or, you can form around highs chool. Enjoying the experience is just phenomenal and will be something I never forget. 

Thank you Mr. Torrez, Ms. Schneider, Mr. Plantt  and many more for making my years amazing. I will forever be a Spartan and wont forget what I achieved here. Enjoy it while it lasts, Greeley West students!!