High school: from skepticism to happiness


Abby Rivera-Flores, Staff Writer

The first time I walked into West was probably the scariest experience ever. I didn’t know any upperclassmen nor did I know any of the teachers, but I still made my way around it. I’ve managed to get involved in new things, such as sports, clubs, marching band etc.

I was still skeptical and nervous about getting involved in these activities, but I would do it all over again if I could. The amount of friends I made throughout high school is insane, and the amount of connections I have with finding out any news around the school. I’d for sure want to go all the way back to do it over and over again. I hope I’ll still stay friends with some of the people I’ll be graduating with. Of course things will change but I hope our friendship won’t.

There’s still a lot of things I wish I could’ve done when I was still in high school, some of those things are, trying harder with my classes or even getting the help that I needed for those classes. I wish I would’ve stayed all four years in tennis but it just didn’t end up happening. I wish I could have experienced trying out new instruments, or even get involved in more clubs. With all these activities I was doing m schedule got full, I never really had the chance to hangout with my friends as often. However I did have fun staying in these clubs and activities because I slowly got closer to some old friends.

I definitely loved everything about high school. All the teachers were loving and caring, they all each pushed me to do better and to become the best I can ever be.