Once a Spartan, always a Spartan! 

Once a Spartan, always a Spartan! 

Tanian Schuttler, Staff Writer

I cannot even begin to imagine what life is going to look like after this chapter. When all of it ends, there is so much to leave behind, and so much to carry with me. 

When I think about who I was freshman year, I have to say I am happy to have grown beyond that person. I think that these four years are some of the most important when it comes to finally maturing, realizing what “being on your own” will look like, and embracing everything before you step into the unknown. 

There are lessons I have learned in these four years that will walk me through whatever the future holds.

In my four years here, I have learned to hold onto the people and experiences around me. I grew because of my faith, because of my friends, family, teachers, and learning. I have learned to love school more than I thought I could because I was blessed to meet every single person I did in this building.

I don’t know how I am going to say goodbye to everything here but I am so excited to see where it carries me in the future and see how I have grown. 

Lately, when I do certain things, it reminds me of the lessons that I didn’t realize have had an impact on me. The things my parents or teachers said that I now put into practice without realizing it’s because of them. 

I learn to better myself and I learn to live as an example to others that kindness is the most important thing you can give to someone else. Being a Spartan, and having pride in that, is the easiest thing to do because of the kindness that lives in the heart of the building. 

I am endlessly grateful and have been enlightened by my time on the Greeley West Word. I cannot describe my thankfulness for this. I learned how to really write something with my heart and found joy in seeing others around me read the articles posted by my classmates.

It takes a village to succeed, and I am so blessed to have had this one behind me.