STUCO announces plans for HOCO Week

Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

Next week is Homecoming and it’s always a good time to remember what the experience is supposed to be about.

Student Council Advisor Lea Sanford explained that it is, “A chance for Alumni to come back.”

This important event brings everyone together from past Greeley West classes with future generations to come back together every year. Sanford said, “We forget Homecoming is all about Alumni coming back to Greeley West.”

Greeley West celebrates Homecoming at the football game and the dance.  The dance is there for students to have a great time. Every year there’s a different theme. This year’s theme is Ancient Greece.

Student Body President Sam Providence stated, “Since this is my last year, this is it. It’s either go big or go home. I’m Doing my best to get away with whatever I can get.”

In order to be able to attend, students need to be academically eligible. They also need to buy a ticket which will cost 15 dollars per ticket. The price will change to 20 dollars on the night of the dance. Student Council will start selling tickets on Monday. The tickets can be bought before school starts and during lunches (both A & B).

In addition to the Homecoming dance, there is also royalty, which each grade level votes for 6 people to be their nomination for royalty for their grade. This voting will take place on Monday during homeroom. 

The winners of the royalty will be announced at the Homecoming football game on Friday against Northridge. 

West will also celebrate the week leading up to the HOCO Dance, through spirit days.  Monday kicks off off with Pajama Day.  Tuesday will be Dynamic Duo day, where students will dress the part of iconic duos.  On Wednesday, students can bring “Anything but a Backpack.” Thursday will be Dress Like your Favorite Teacher and then Friday is the traditional Blue and Gold.  One notable exception this year is that seniors will get to wear a toga to fit the Ancient  Greece theme.

Finally, West will have an assembly to finish the week. The rally gets everyone hyped up for the event, getting everyone involved and making it an enjoyable time. Student Council assembly co-host Zanayah Shanks said “The games are going to be based off of the theme, taking people back to the time of the early Olympic Games.”