Mexican American Studies Society gets word out about Dia De Los Muertos celebrations

Malea Cuevas, Staff Writer

Holidays and events are coming up, which means lots of people will be going out to gatherings and celebrating what’s important to them. 

There are endless amounts of different things celebrated such as cultures, religions, and cultural identity along with personal identity. A big celebration that people seem to not talk about as much is Dia de los Muertos. This event is a big thing for the Latino community.

Dia de los Muertos, meaning “Day of the Dead”, is usually known for being celebrated by the Mexican community. People usually honor this day on November 1 and 2. These days are for people to come together to memorialize the lost lives of their dear friends and beloved family members. The lost are honored by parades and parties as well as altars decorated with offerings of their favorite items, usually referred to as Ofrendas.

Here at Greeley West, the Mexican American Studies Society honors the Latino/Latinx community by hosting cultural events as well as attending events hosted by the University of Northern Colorado. They will be going to their own Dia de los Muertos celebration being held at UNC on November 2. The event will be from 5-8 p.m. and there will be altars, presentations, an art gallery, a dance performance, music and food. 

A sponsor of the club, Mr. Stephen Paulson said, “This is an important event because it honors the culture of many Greeley West students and it also honors the loved ones who have passed away and allows us to stay connected to all of our family.”

Paulson also spoke on behalf of the club members saying that the, “Kids are very excited and we hope to continue to grow the club.” 

The MASS team and UNC invites all of you to join them on November 2, to learn more about this special day and to celebrate with them as an opportunity to be a part of this community.