New time capsule will tell West’s story to future Spartans

Eliza Pierce, Staff Writer

When Greeley West was built in 1966, legend says that the faculty, staff and students put together a time capsule to celebrate the school opening. After two years of construction and completely moving the earth around the school, no one has found it.

Assistant Principal Ms. Amy Zulauf has her doubts it ever was buried at all.  ” I  don’t know if it exists. Is it a legend?. We don’t know if it exists,” Zulauf said.  

To rectify this issue, Greeley West made sure there is a new capsule for the new build. Some things that went into this capsule included personal letters, photos, yearbooks and masks from COVID.  “Our senior students last year wrote some letters during homeroom, so I know that went in there,” said Assistant Principal Ms. Amanda Jones.  Ms. Jones said she thought one item was the most memorable.  “ I think information from the students (is most memorable) – their point of view and how they thought back then,” Jones said.  

Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson knows the time capsule existed. “The old time capsule was real, however it was lost in the remodel of the building in 1995.  I have been searching for it for a number of years as it was supposed to be open at our 50th Anniversary in 2015.  But no one can tell me what happened to it,” Cranson said. 

To make up for those years, Cranson included some historical objects as well, including a picture of the old school and the first year’s yearbook.