Students strategize as fantasy football season starts

Xavier Michnewicz, Staff Writer

With the NFL starting this past weekend, it’s Fantasy Football season! Everybody has their favorite team and favorite players, however, that loyalty can be challenged when participating in a fantasy football league.

Drafting and rooting for a player from your bitter rival may make your skin cringe, but when you win your game and that player puts up 50 fantasy points you don’t seem to care.

Fantasy football coach and Greeley West junior Zaren Maldonaldo said,  “The only exception that I have on my team that is a rival from my Denver Broncos is Davante Adams from the Raiders. He got me 30 points and also played against a division rival the Chargers. But other than that, I have no other players because it makes fantasy football not fun.”

Throughout the season players must adjust their roster for any chance to win.  Players make moves through the waiver wire and make trades for players, which causes the casual fan to have to pay more attention to league-wide action as opposed to watching their favorite team each week

“I looked for the best players possible.  When a player dropped a pass, I trade them,” fantasy  owner Lorenzo Quintana said.  “If a running back gets no yards they are cut. Flat out. I am focusing on winning the fantasy football championship again this year.”

Fans from all walks of life put on their GM hat to play fantasy football in the hopes of earning bragging rights over their friends with a first-place finish