Self-confidence is key for Spirit Week participation

Cole Bartels, Staff Writer

It is spirit week at Greeley West High School this weekend and some general trends have appeared.  Upperclassmen are participating in spirit week more than lower classmen.

Senior Olivia Pearson said: “Definitely more upperclassmen participate in spirit week”, and if you walk the hallways of West you can definitely see where she is coming from.  

Pearson believes that there’s a comfort level that comes from doing something crazy for a spirit day.  “This is probably because we are more outgoing than the freshman, and they are probably afraid to dress up for spirit week, and care what other  people think”, said Pearson.  

Junior River Mortiz agreed. “I think they don’t participate as much because they care too much about what people think.  I would just tell the freshman to grow up and stop caring what people think,” Mortiz said.  

Though Mortiz has a good point, being a freshman in high school can be intimidating, Pearson has some wisdom to share: “I would tell the freshman to stop worrying what people think about you and it’s cooler to participate than to not.”

Mortiz has some similar advice: “Probably as spirit week goes on, more of them will feel more comfortable to participate in the school spirit,” Mortiz said.