Boys bathroom is first victim of major vandalism in new building

Cole Bartels, Staff Writer

Five weeks into the school year, the new Greeley West building had its first case of vandalism.  This act of vandalism hit the school hard.  With a new facility, nicer than any other school most have seen, teachers and staff were disappointed.

Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson said, “This is the first major vandalism incident this year besides some back pack holders being ripped off walls.”  

With a new facility and more security measures – such as more cameras and IDs – you would think the school could easily be able to identify the culprits.  This would be the case, if the students responsible were wearing IDs that were visible.  

The security cameras caught the students responsible for the vandalism’s faces, but because they were not wearing IDs, the process of identifying the students is taking longer than anticipated.  Cranson used the graffiti incident to ask the staff for help in monitoring badge wearing.  “I have to have my staff helping me to enforce IDs, because that would help me significantly in incidents like these,” said Cranson.

The students responsible should also expect consequences for their actions.  “It will probably be a five day suspension, and we could also press charges,” said Cranson.

Greeley West’s janitorial staff was able to remove the graffiti, but the Greeley West students and staff are just disappointed in their students and peers.

Freshman Jaden Hernandez stated, “This is not good that this is happening to our school.  This should be a safe comfortable space, and we shouldn’t have to come to school and see that when we walk in to the bathroom.”