Student drivers despise short lights at busy times

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

Many students that drive at Greeley West have complained that the turning traffic lights on 35th and 22nd street are too short. The lights are approximately 10 seconds long and only three to four cars can go through it. There have been some students who have been seen running the red light many times just to get through to the parking lot because the light was too short. 

Seniors, juniors and some sophomores are able to drive and most of them have expressed that the lights are way too short and not many people can get through at one time. A couple vehicles are able to go when the light turns green, but then the rest will have to wait for the next light. Senior Karime Ruiz, who parks in the student/church parking lot expressed, “I think that they should change the light to be a few more seconds longer at least because it is way too short of time and I caused traffic.”

The complaints have been happening for a while since school has started and even last year.  Last year was particularly bad because construction semitrucks would be in and out of the school parking lot.  Only one truck would turn when the light turned green, which backed up the line since others couldn’t get through. 

Students want something to be done with the lights. They want more time so more vehicles could get through to get to the parking lot. The lights are not run by the school district.  It is a city decision timing the lights on 35th Avenue. 

The complaints will continue to happen until something is done with the lights because it can take a couple minutes just to get a turn to go. Junior Victoria Wells recently started driving and parks in the church parking lot. She said, “It is so annoying and it’s hard to tell whether or not you are wide enough from the cars in the other lane. We’re all trying not to collide or cause an accident from the amount of time we have, which is a possibility.”