Personalized parking spaces could bring Greeley West community together


Nita Bennett

The new Greeley West parking lot is almost finished. It’s time to personalize it.

Nita Bennett, Editorialist

As the parking lot nears completion, it’s time to think about the future of parking at Greeley West High School. Seniors deserve the right to have their own parking spots.  In fact, they should get to paint their parking spot each year.  

This simply will support the West community and bring it together by celebrating student individuality and the diversity our building contains. Many friends and family will come together to help their children at West have a forever memory, something they can look back on and be reminded of their memories at West. This action would be something the entire student body will look forward to, senior or not. This will let students feel like they can express themselves at West and encourage them to love coming to school.  Painting the parking spots could cost students $50 dollars per year.  The next senior class would then replace the old murals each fall.  

Why should staff even consider this idea? It would be a simple fundraiser for the senior class.  It could help fund projects or activities, provide money for supplies,or even benefit sports teams and other clubs.  This is an opportunity to really get to know the students at West and what they stand for as well as a chance to have student ownership and pride in the new building.  The student body would feel represented by the staff here, making it more close-knit, which we should be striving for to really make a difference for our community..

Some may feel this is not a good idea as students could portray offensive images making passersbys not want to visit again. Restrictions can be made such as giving rules and guidelines on what a student’s image can portray. The positives outweigh the negatives. Outsiders and insiders actually want to understand what is going on here. In District 6, this is a change that could engage Greeley-Evans and even surrounding schools in the actions being taken here at Greeley West.