Students express dismay about changes to Homeroom

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

Since the year has begun at Greeley West, there is a new schedule. One change is that there’s only Homeroom once a week, which is on Monday. With Homeroom only being once a week, there will be no travel days during that time. Some students have complained about it because they believe that they used the travel days to get help from the teachers or to get work in, but they can’t do that anymore.

One of Homeroom’s functions is to allow teachers to relay information to students about the school or upcoming events for those classes. Students could get their work done if they need to after the Homeroom assignment is completed. Homeroom helps students get that work done during that time so they don’t have to worry about it when they can’t do it. 

Travel days were taken from Homeroom because of the underclassmen from last year. Teachers and staff realized that freshmen and sophomores weren’t using that time to get work done, or to even get that help. Students would use it to ditch or hang out with their friends in other classes. Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson explained, “We stopped [travel days] because we did not have enough kids taking advantage of them and too many kids roaming the hallways, leaving campus, and causing issues on and off campus.”

Some students hope to bring travel days back during Homeroom but Cranson explained that won’t be likely. “I don’t anticipate bringing them back,” Cranson said. “We want students to utilize time before school or after school tutoring if they need to meet in person with teachers or email them for immediate assistance.”

Students have expressed that they miss the old Homeroom. West senior Jacob Espino is one such student. He is stressed about not having travel days because, “I want them to bring it back for other people,” Espino said. “I feel like the other people who don’t learn the same as me could use it to help them more.”

Many students believe that it’s very difficult to get one-on-one help with their teacher because they can’t go during lunch, can’t go earlier to school, and can’t stay after school because they have work, need to get home, or if they have some sort of practice. Senior, Janessa Yurkovich expressed, “I personally never traveled during Homeroom, but I can understand why people would be upset it’s gone. It was a great way to be able to go work with your teachers during school hours instead of having to go to tutoring. It’s especially helpful if you’re an athlete because most of us don’t have the time to see our teachers except during school hours.”