First AVID Retreat in new building sees great outcome


Alejandro Silva Rodelo

AVID students play dodgeball at their annual retreat.

Alejandro Silva Rodelo, Staff Writer

You may have noticed more students missing in your classes last Wednesday. This is because AVID students had their annual AVID Retreat. The Retreat has been a tradition, even through 2020 and the chaos that ensued. This year the AVID seniors were excited to host the first AVID Retreat in the new building. 

Senior Kylee Wolfe shared her thoughts on the retreat. “I think it was fun,” Wolfe said. “It was fun to come up with the activities and actually execute them. I noticed in the other groups that some of the activities that weren’t as physical or competitive didn’t seem as fun. Making the games competitive helped give it a good outcome.”

Wolfe also explained that she does have some ideas on how the retreat for next year can possibly be a little better. “We can ask the underclassmen what they’re looking forward to and what they want to do so it can fit their interests, so they can participate more,” Wolfe expressed.

AVID teacher Stephen Paulson was satisfied with the outcome of the event. “The AVID students did a great job on bringing up a guest speaker that the underclassmen could relate to,” Paulson said. “The activities were really well planned. It’s a shame that the weather before was 91 degrees and sunny then the day after it’s cloudy and 60 degrees. It was still great to see underclassmen participate in the weather.”

With the great outcome of the first ever AVID Retreat in the new building, you can say the AVID students and teachers are already looking forward to next year’s annual retreat.