Construction of the new parking lot nearing completion


Vanessa Chavez

The construction site of the parking lot, as shown from inside the building.

Vanessa Chavez, Staff Writer

Construction on the parking lot is still ongoing. No one knows this more than administration. Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson says, “It’s taken longer than expected, but the parking lot is going to be done in October.”

With the extra time taken, the construction should have been complete. The parking lot will inhabit the now empty lot where the old school sat. It will have 750 parking spaces, almost be enough for every driver in the school to have their own spot. Students won’t have to take up the church parking lot anymore.

“The asbestos was a big setback for construction,” Assistant Principal Ms. Amanda Jones said.

Last year, students were given a month off because the workers needed more time to remove the asbestos, which posed health concerns. Asbestos was commonly used as insulation in the 70s due to how cheap it is. What wasn’t known was the effects on people that come in contact with it. 

Asbestos causes many health issues, but the main one is lung cancer. This is why it was banned from being used in construction in the 80s. During July it was very windy and it was hard to contain the asbestos. During the tear down of the school they would have white covers on the school, which shook in the wind. This was another challenge the construction workers faced.  

Even with all this, the construction is going to wrap up soon. With the parking lot finished, the construction will finally be complete.