West-Central rekindle rivalry tonight

Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

Tonight marks the annual cross town rival game against Greeley Central.  Greeley West looks to return to dominance of years past with a victory this year.  Last year, West lost to Central, 32-13. Senior Jose Salas “We are just going to play ball, there are 11 guys on the field at all times. Whatever side they are on they gotta do their part and we will win as a team.” 

The seniors are surely hyped and are ready to get their revenge this time around. The predicted weather for Friday night’s game is going to be a mix of cold weather. Senior Ricardo Castillo said, “This game is different, we need to lock in and get hyped. In previous games we don’t usually  get as hyped. As a leader I’m going to make sure the team is locked in.”

Both these players are in the Top 3 in each stat for the football team and they know where their heads need to be for this game. They know what the feeling is like, especially knowing it’s their last chance to beat Central. 

Castillo said, “This is going to be my first full game to play Central.”

Salas said, “I have only played Central for two years, sophomore year was the cause of Covid. So I’m ready to end on a good one.”

These seniors are ready to leave a mark, to get their second win of the season and to make sure Greeley West gets their bragging rights for the year. West will come into this game with a record of 1-5, as well as Central coming into the game with a record of 1-5. This game will be the determination of who will place in the bottom of their divisions.