Paulson gets cold bath in support of women with breast cancer


Joel Soto

Mr. Stephen Paulson received his ice cold bath at the West-Central football game.

Joel Soto, Staff Writer

 Greeley West and Greeley Central came together to support women with breast cancer at the annual West-Central football game. Central’s senior AVID class started this challenged West’s AVID class to a fundraiser. This fundraiser’s money all went towards Hope Lives, which provides resources like wigs, massages, acupuncture, or a spa to women battling cancer. Every $50 raised, guarantees a certificate with one of these options to any woman currently going through breast cancer. 

Central had came up with the idea of including an ice-cold water dump on either an AVID respresentitaive from West or Central. West’s AVID representative was teacher Mr. Stephen Paulson and Central’s was teacher Mr. Steve Burch. Both are social studies teachers.

At the beginning of the competition the rules were that the school who raised the least money would get their AVID representative dumped on at halftime of the West and Central football game. But naturally, the organizers had switched the rules when they found out how much money could be made by having the winning school get to dump water on their teacher.  Paulson was not too happy. “I didn’t love the rule change. We agreed the losing school got the ice bath but we realized students were more willing to donate if they saw their own teacher get the ice bath. It was the right move to make,” Paulson said.

This fundraiser raised $2,728.73 in total. West with $1,500 and Central with $1,228.73. West with the winning number was able to make Paulson get an ice cold water bucket dumped on him. 

Paulson knew West was capable of doing raising more money. “I knew we would win. I know that Greeley West is not the sports school that we once were, but no one will ever beat us when it comes to our generosity and family first mentality,” Paulson said. 

“The students were very willing to help anyone in need and that is one reason why Greeley West is such a special place. The community was amazing,” Paulson said.