Fashion club bringing new experiences for all its members

Nita Bennett, Staff Writer

Fashion is a diverse concept; there is no rigid concept of correct and incorrect. And the Fashion Club exemplifies this. According to Ms. Susan Eastin, “[The club is] a group of students who get together to pursue their interest in fashion in all of its manifestations; design clothes, makeup, marketing, catwalk, and more.”

But the Fashion Club doesn’t just focus on the visual side of the art. “[The club also focuses] in marketing, getting into the business of fashion design, and getting your degree,” Eastin said.

“We go over where to go [from where you are], how to make money, finding a mentor, etc,” Eastin added.

The Fashion Club allows people to focus their interests, common or otherwise. “Fashion Club represents the huge industry of fashion, full of experiences for the students who have that niche for any form of fashion,” Eastin said.

Some in the club view it as little more than a fun activity, but now representatives are working to help look into lifestyle choices. Eastin stated, “The fashion club’s goal is for students to have a place where they can pursue their interests and look into career opportunities and life choices.”

Now students even have an opportunity to join Fashion and Design as an elective.

The Fashion Club has many upcoming events planned. These include going to Denver Fashion Week in November, in which one of the Fashion Club’s very own member will be partaking in; the CSU Fashion Show/Fashion Museum this spring; and a possible New York trip to the garment district.