Tardies and absences start to impact off-campus lunch opportunity

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

Since the start of the school year, many students have complained that lunch is way too short and they don’t have enough time to go get food and eat which makes them late for their next class. With this happening, many of the students are coming back from lunch very late or they don’t come at all. 

This has been an ongoing problem for a few months now and because of that, the administration has come up with rules that started on October 13. These rules are that if students have many unexcused absences, then they will get their off-campus lunch taken away.  The same holds true with one lunch tardy. Senior Andrew Dunn goes off-campus frequently and when he learned about their rule he said, “It makes sense to do it, it stops kids from ditching. Still kind of makes the upperclassmen feel like underclassmen. It’s like there are no benefits of being an upperclassman.”

The administration believes that this new rule will help students be on time from class when they leave for off-campus. This rule was made because so many students are being late or some of them don’t come to most of their classes. Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson explained, “We started getting many complaints from teachers that students were always coming back late from lunch. So when we started scanning students’ ID’s when they leave and come back from lunch, we noticed a huge improvement from them coming back on time.”

Cranson said most students will barely notice the change.   “We don’t think this rule will impact too many students because most of the students are improving their time management by coming back for class from lunch time.”