Abortion should remain safe and legal

Anna Elliott, Editorialist

As many people in America know and around the world, abortions for women or people with a uterus are becoming illegal in many states in the U.S. Those states are Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, and Kentucky. Along with Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin. Fortunately, in Colorado, it is still legal for women to get abortions. 

Everyone has an opinion. People believe abortion is wrong and others believe abortion is right. Of course, there are many situations for each opinion, but the correct answer is her body, her choice. It does not matter about religion or beliefs. What matters is health and choice.

Women and people with a uterus only have the choice of whether they want or need abortions. Many minors and children have been assaulted and impregnated by disgusting men, and they aren’t able to get abortions. Some women will die if they conceive a child, but the state governments that have banned abortions don’t care. Their body is not fit for that job the fetus could kill them during pregnancy or birthing the fetus. The women that will die if they conceive should get the choice to abort because no fetus should outlive the mother. Something that is not alive should not be chosen over a woman with a life and someone that could conceive another child. Women should get the choice to live and not conceive a fetus that will kill them because the government wants them to. None of this is right, and this is a natural right that has been taken from those children and women. 

This is important because any person that has a uterus could become pregnant, and could be an unwanted pregnancy or a dangerous or forced pregnancy. If the person carrying the fetus does not want it or is forced then they should have the choice to abort it with no questions asked. Unwanted, dangerous, or forced pregnancy could happen to anyone, someone you know, your sister, your mom, cousin, friend, etc. This could happen to anyone, so having the choice to abort it would be best for them in any situation.

Although some women believe that abortion is wrong, the majority and I believe that it is something women should have a choice in doing because it is their bodies. Every single woman in the U.S. could be or has been affected by this ban, because men and women think it’s okay to take control over someone else’s body.

With that, I do believe that there should be restrictions on it. If a woman has had more than three to five abortions around the same time, then they shouldn’t be able to get anymore because too many abortions can negatively affect her body. If a woman doesn’t plan to get pregnant that many times, then they should be more careful but only if they were choosing not to use protection. It is their body, their choice but, too many abortions aren’t very good or normal in any way and that is where the restriction should be. 

As shown, women and people with a uterus should have the choice to get an abortion if they want to or need to because it is their body and their choice, which is one of the greatest factors in this issue. This right taken from those women is disgusting, and no one should be able to have control over what people do with their bodies.