Annual powderpuff football game approaches

Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

The annual event of the powderpuff football game brought by Greeley West Student Council is nearly upon us. It’s girls against girls in a game of flag football, while boys are allowed to participate in a boys poms for fun.  This event is not only a way to bring more school spirit within the school, but also a way to get more money for prom at the end of the year. It’s a competition within grade levels to see which girls and guys are better than the other grade levels. This game this year will be at District 6 at 6:30 on November 1st.

Student Council President Samirah Providence said, “Its purpose is to just have some fun, healthy competition within grade levels and people enjoy it. That female empowerment seeing the girls play for once is really nice and fun.” 

With so many girls joining over the years, they had to limit the sizes to teams, allowing only 20 girls per team. Each grade level will have a different coach, with freshmen coached by Mr. Brian Holmes, sophomores by Mr. Ky Dietz, Juniors by Mr. Cody Jiru, and Seniors by Mr. Tristan Vangilder. After coaching time, they head to the field to see the results.

Senior Yasmine Adam, who played last year, said “Personally, it went well. I met new people I’d never seen or talked to before. We made great connections and I still talk to those people to this day. It was a great experience.”

Friendly competition has already begun to sprout, and the seniors are feeling confident. “Of course the seniors are going to win,” Yasmine said. “Ella going to make another game-winning field goal, so don’t worry about it.”